Clint Eastwood’s Speech At RNC … #DirtyHarry Style


After two days of some predictable and some not so predictable well-scripted speeches, last night Clint Eastwood delivered what some critics are describing as a strange and rambling “rant.” Although Mr. Eastwood isn’t a public speaker and his speech left some polish to be desired, the essence of it was touchingly authentic. In his typical Dirty Harry style, Eastwood ended his speech with what may have been the most poignant remark made during the convention. In addressing America he said, “You…we…we own this country…not the politicians…politicians are employees of ours…whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, you’re the best…and when somebody doesn’t do the job, you’ve got to let him go.”

Mr. Eastwood’s words resonate in the question each American citizen must decide before casting a 2012 vote: Who, Obama or Romney, can get the job done?