“Low-Information Voters” … Uninformed Or Protective Of Their Liberties? #Election2012

“Dumb and Dumber: The ‘Low-Information Voter'”

George Lakoff’s August 9, 2012, op-ed editorial entitled “Dumb and Dumber: The ‘Low-Information Voter'” (Chicago Tribune) discusses conservative voters who, in the eyes of liberals are considered misinformed and in need of further information to make the right choice in the upcoming presidential election.  On the other hand, conservatives view these voters as Americans protecting their liberties. In pursuing this block of voters, each political party is appealing from its own viewpoint. Lakoff’s article provides more than insight into political ploys; his analysis explains the two political frameworks operating within our country. He states, “Progressives believe democracy starts with caring about one’s fellow citizens and acting responsibly for oneself and other citizens” while  “Conservatives, especially the extreme conservatives now in office, aren’t necessarily against many of these things, but they see government as preserving the liberty to act as one wishes and as secondary to individual responsibility.” These are not so subtle differences and lie at the heart of what is dividing the heart of our nation.


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