The Nerve-Racking, Soul-Searching, Exhilarating Process of #Shopping for a #Handbag


“Ask yourself: Will I love this bag no matter what?” –

(The following excerpt was taken from The Nerve-Racking, Soul-Searching Process of Shopping For a Handbag that was originally posted To read this post in its entirety please click on the link below.)

FOR THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS, I have been carrying a decidedly unglamorous bag to work. It’s a beige canvas tote that says Espolón Tequila with a picture of a skeleton riding a rooster. My husband got it free at an event. Nobody likes it.

As much as I would like to declare that I am making some sort of anti-fashion, pro-tequila statement, I have to be honest: This bag is not so much a choice as it is the consequence of not making a choice. Following some expensive missteps, and facing the recent explosion of beautiful options, I appear to be suffering from an increasingly common condition. Call it Handbag Decision Paralysis (HDP), a type of commitment phobia in the accessories milieu.

This past year, I first lusted after the near-ubiquitous Céline Luggage tote, then the very ubiquitous Proenza Schouler PS1—a trim, double-buckled satchel that seems to have colonized the first floor of Barneys’ Madison Avenue store, in all sorts of fabrications and hues. Most recently, I’ve been obsessing over the softly voluminous double-handled Givenchy Nightingale tote, which has similar cult status. I’ve wasted countless hours looking at images of bags online, emailing links to friends, debating the pros and cons of various color schemes and then wallowing in a shame spiral for spending so much time thinking about something as inconsequential as a sack in which to stuff my sorries. It seems I may not be alone.


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