#MorphandThro … Good for the Body, Spirit, and Planet! #WorkoutWear


Two Wise Gals are in a fashion frenzy since our new workout wear from Morph & Thro arrived. Whether it be at the gym, yoga, Whole Foods, or, of course, Starbucks…wherever we are we can be found wearing Morph & Thro.


Through their process called upcycling, Morph & Thro transforms plastic bottles into a feel good/look good eco-sustainable fabric that is unmatched in performance, comfort, and durability.

Good for the body, Morph & Thro is also kind to the planet. Their custom blends of recycled yarn save roughly a half-gallon of gasoline per article of clothing. Morph & Thro’s dedication to the environment will flow into everything around us.


For a limited time www.morphandthro.com is offering a 20% discount promo on both the women’s and men’s line. Use the VIP CODE: ML10024 for the discount.

…….. and remember to Play In Green. imgres-1


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