How #BirthOrder Affects Your #Life

“In families children tend to take on stock roles, as if there were hats hung up in some secret place, visible only to the children . Each succeeding child selects a hat and takes on that role: the good child, the black sheep, the clown, and so forth.”
– Ellen Galinsky

Let’s say you’re planning a party. If you have every detail perfectly worked out a week ahead of time, right down to the colour-coordinated cocktail napkins, you’re probably the eldest child in your family. If you casually throw things together and invite a few extra guests at the last minute, it would be a safe bet that you’re a middle child. If you’d rather someone else did the work and you just showed up and entertained everyone, you’re likely the baby.

(This excerpt from How Birth Order Affects Your Life by Marcia Kaye originally appeared on best To view it in its entirety please click on the link below.)


2 thoughts on “How #BirthOrder Affects Your #Life

  1. Absolutely loved this. I am the oldest and definitely identify with the description. lol Reposting it to my blog!

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