Are #Female Friendships More Intense Than #Male #Friendships?


“Male friendships may lack the intimacy found in many female friendships, but men aren’t as burned by friends as women are.” – Jessica Smock

(The following excerpts from Are Female Friendships More Intense Than Male Friendships? by Jessica Smock was originally posted on on March 13, 2013. To view it in its entirety please click on the link below.)

Female friendships are notoriously intense. They can be as passionate as the most all-consuming love affair, as close as a family bond, as supportive as the best therapist, but as toxic as the worst poison.

As most men would likely agree, I think, male friendship is not the same. But are male friendships just different, or are they somehow inferior?

If friendships are based on a few important things – reciprocity, self-disclosure, and intimacy—men seem to have a little more trouble with the emotional intimacy and sharing that are critical to developing and sustaining friendships over time.

So maybe both men and women can learn a little from each other about how to cultivate and appreciate friendships. Women can take a few lessons from men, who have fewer intimate friendships but are less prone to the complexities of rivalries, jealousy, and emotional manipulation. In turn, men can use their friendships as practice for talking about their feelings and needs. Certainly, the women in their lives might appreciate it.


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