Jay #Leno & Jimmy #Fallon Sing Duet About #TonightShow Rumors


Shameless or not, Leno and Fallon show once again they can find humor in any situation and are masters of late night comedy.

(The following post/video originally appeared on http://www.deadline.com April 1, 2013, and can be viewed in its entirety by clicking on the link below.)

If this isn’t a shameless play for late night ratings by both hosts, hard to imagine what is. Tonight NBC released this video early of Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno addressing those rumors of who will take over as host of The Tonight Show(Fallon seems to answer them by asking Jay, “Are we still friends?”) Anyway, the two sing (um, lip-sync) a duet of their version of the ballad ”Tonight” from West Side Story. The network flacks point out “this video marks the first time both shows have collaborated on one piece that aired as a seamless bridge between them”.



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