Looks Like A #StephenKing Novel … The #Cicadas Are Coming!


“Truth is stranger than fiction.” – Mark Twain

(The following excerpt taken from The Cicadas Are Coming: Billions Of Insects To Emerge After 17 Years Underground originally appeared on huffingtonpost.com. To view this article in its entirety please click  on the link below.)

If you live on the East Coast between Georgia and Connecticut, get ready for the air to be filled with billions of large, buzzing insects known as cicadas, a massive brood of which have been feeding on roots underground for the past 17 years — all in preparation for this one moment.

A small number of the “Brood II” cicadas, which are one of seven different species of the insect, have already begun emerging in some eastern states, according to Magicicada.org, a website run by John Cooley, a cicada expert and research scientist at the University of Connecticut.

By the end of May, the inch-and-a-half-long insects will come out in full force, swarming in massive, noisy clouds up and down the eastern seaboard, reports CBS New York.

The red-eyed insects, also known as Magicicada, tend to form denser clouds than other varieties of cicada. These swarms can be as dense as 1.5 million cicadas per acre, Cooley notes on his website. A single Brood II female, the website also says, can lay as many as 600 eggs before she dies, but we’re much too scared to do the math on how many eggs per acre that would be.



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