10 #Lessons From 10 Quotes That Changed My Life


(The following excerpt from 10 Lessons From 10 Quotes That Changed My Life by Angel originally appeared on marcandangel.com. To view it in its entirety please click on the link below.)

Today I want to share ten life lessons with you.  I learned them when I was young by reading and re-reading some of my favorite books and quotes.  And over the years I have validated each of them gradually with firsthand experience.  Together these lessons have positively changed my way of thinking and my life.  I hope they do the same for you.

1. Your thoughts create your reality.

2. You will regret the chances you didn’t take.

3. Change is the only constant thing in life.

4. What you resist persists.

5. You judge others for the deficiencies you haven’t yet accepted in yourself.

6. You have far less control over the behavior of others than you think.

7. You are what’s on the inside.

8. You can’t force love in relationships.

9. Sometimes the only healthy option is to move on.

10. Life as you know it doesn’t last forever.



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