Single? Why #Women Think It’s Sensational


(The following excerpt taken from What’s So Good About Being Single by E. E. Smith originally appeared on To view it in its entirety please click on the link below.)

For some, “healthy, wealthy and single” has become a mantra for the 21st Century. It implies happiness, and even smug satisfaction, at being unattached.

Does that go for men and women alike?

Today, more women are single than ever before, and many by choice, which is something relatively new in my experience. Having a husband is no longer considered necessary, nor even desirable in more and more cases. What’s changed? Society, for one thing.

The single woman of today is a far cry from former generations. Bette Davis, in the movie Now Voyager (1942), plays a spinster aunt who laments that she will “never have a home of my own, nor a child of my own.” Today’s woman would not let the lack of a husband stop her from having both, if she wanted them. Cultures differ, but modern American society generally accepts a variety of  lifestyles that were unthinkable a half century ago.

As I see it, there are both advantages and disadvantages to being unmarried. Some are obvious, and well-documented in books and articles. One that I read recently lists 10 advantages but, oddly enough, no disadvantages. That’s only telling one side of the story, in my opinion.

Briefly, the advantages to being single, according to the article, have to do with:

1. Keeping physically fit.

2. Achieving greater things.

3. Doing less housework.

4. Managing money.

5. Having less, but better, sex.

6. Being better rested, and even smarter.

7. Having less depression.

8. Acquiring friends.

9. Taking better trips.

10. Having a better sense of self.


One thought on “Single? Why #Women Think It’s Sensational

  1. paganpages says:

    I’m recently single by choice and definitely feel a lot better single than I was with my boyfriend. I didn’t feel the same he did and I was dreading being single for a while because I’d be lonely but then I started thinking about the freedom, more money, flirting with whoever and not feeling guilty about it. I find that when you’re single, you find yourself better and what you really want.

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