Are #Oreos The New Cocaine?


(The following excerpt from Cookies Are One Hell Of A Drug: Oreos Are As Addictive As Cocaine by Robert Gordon appeared on elite on October 16, 2013. To view it in its entirety please click on the link below.)

The next time you hear somebody say “I’m addicted to Oreos,” you might want to seek help for that person, as a new study claims the cream-filled cookies are just as addicting as cocaine.

A study led by neuroscientist Joseph Schroeder at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, makes the bold claim about the chocolate cookie sandwiches, but for anyone who’s tried Oreos, the claim isn’t unmerited. Nobody in the history of humankind has consumed a single Oreo when more than one was made available.

The study conducted extensive testing on lab rats in order to see how the brain reacts to the cookies and how that reaction compares to that of cocaine.

It was discovered Oreos trigger the same neurons in the brain’s “pleasure center” as addictive drugs such as cocaine.

The way the rats reacted to being offered Oreas was very similar to that of rats who had been offered cocaine.

This makes sense, as Oreos have made people do crazy things, like the time a man threatened his wife with divorce after she removed the cream from every Oreo in a pack and then returned the bare cookies to the packaging.

Schroeder placed the rats in a maze with two exits, one containing an Oreo and one containing a rice cake.

The results were obvious, and the rats showed a strong preference for the Oreos.

Schroeder conducted a similar test, replacing rice cakes and Oreos with saline and cocaine or morphine, respectively.

The levels of addiction in the two tests were very similar.

If Oreos are as addictive as cocaine, does this mean deep fried Oreos are like crack?


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