Why #Overthinking Is The Root Of All Your Problems


“Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul.” – Ezra Taft Benson

(The following excerpt from Why Overthinking Is The Root Of All Your Problems by Lauren Martin appeared on elite daily.com on November 25, 2013. To view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

You know when someone says something that resonates with you to your very core? It can be a passing comment, a token of advice or just a statement, but it stays with you long past that person’s presence? Well, someone once told me in a state of my own sorrow and agony that, “the only thing that makes it a thing is that you keep thinking about it.” It was a simple phrase, one that doesn’t seem to have much weight to it, but it changed everything for me.

That phrase is one of those special tokens of wisdom that went on to define the way I looked at life and kept my sanity. To this day, I  find myself repeating it whenever something goes wrong, whenever my mind has a moment to delve into the back hole of regrets and disappointments.

Whenever I find myself consciously drifting into a state of self hatred and utter despair, I remember this phrase and repeat it like a tribal chant until the truth of it expels everything else. The moment I tell myself that it’s only my thoughts that are making me upset, everything gets better. It’s like telling yourself the dark is merely the same room without light. Through doing this, I’ve realized that the core of all my problems, all my heartache, all my misery is simply rooted in my own thoughts. There’s nothing there making me relive these past nightmares or remember unwanted memories except myself.

Most of our pain comes from how we churn the negativity over and over again in our minds, until it envelops our very being. It’s the incessant harping of those words that leads to depression, to the self loathing that comes to consume our very being.  When you peel away all your insecurities, fears and sadness, you can find that most of it is a product of your imagination. I’m not saying that your fears are made up, but they are only enhanced by your mind’s ability to grow them into bigger deals than they should be.

You must learn to stop overthinking. It’s the silent enemy that will slowly kill you, chipping away at every shred of happiness you come across. overthinking will keep you from yourself and those around you as you bask in a pool of regret and self-loathing. You must remember to tell yourself, “the only thing that makes it a thing is that you keep thinking about it,” because it’s the truth, and even if it’s not true, there’s nothing you can do about it now.

Life is simple, stop overthinking it!



One thought on “Why #Overthinking Is The Root Of All Your Problems

  1. patent lawyer says:

    Great article. “You’re driving yourself crazy; you’ve got to get out of your head” was how it was put to me. My response was “you’re right” and that has served me well.

    Recently, the phrase that sticks with me is “Done is better than perfect.” I have huge issues with over-engineering everything (I’m an engineer) and I do mean everything. I had a buddy who used to call it “analysis paralysis”.

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