#HappyValentinesDay … 11 Reasons To Date A Bookworm


(The following excerpt from Eleven Reasons To Date A Bookworm recently appeared on huffingtonpost.comTo view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your time is running out to snag a date before February 14th. This year, skip the bar scene and online dating sites, and look no further than your local library. Cozied up between the stacks, with her nose buried in a novel, sits your ideal date: the bookworm.

Whether it’s Kindle or paperback, non-fiction or fantasy, like books, we bookworms come in all shapes and sizes — and are truly ideal companions. Need convincing? Here are 11 reasons book lovers make the best lovers.

1. You’ll always have something to talk about with us.

2. We won’t smother you.

3. We’ve learned from the greats.

4. We can stay up allllllll night.

5. We’re always down to travel.

6. We’re not needy.

7. Gossip bores us.

8. We’re fiercely loyal.

9. We make cheap dates.

10. You can always predict our moods.

11. We’re easy to buy gifts for.



One thought on “#HappyValentinesDay … 11 Reasons To Date A Bookworm

  1. The number one reason in my book is that intelligence is sexy. Never have dated a woman who is an air head.

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