Who Started April Fool’s Day?


(The following excerpt from April Fool’s Day 2014: Origin And History Dates Back To Bible And Roman Days – Top 5 Interesting Facts by Gopi Chandra Kharel recently appeared on ibitimes.co.inTo view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

On April Fool’s Day, people around the world usually play pranks on others.

There is something really interesting about the day that one cannot help, but wonder how this day ever came into existence. How did this day start and what is its history?

The following are the top 5 interesting facts about April Fool’s Day that theorizes on its possible history and origins:

1. Biblical Theory: The origin of April Fool’s Day dates back to Bible days when Noah…sent a dove on 1 April to find dry land before waters subsided.

2. Roman Origins: Pranks and mischief played upon people on 1 April also dates back to ancient Roman times. Romans and Celts are said to have celebrated a festival of practical jokes sometime around the time of March equinox which falls close to the day.

3. Change from Julian to Gregorian Calendar: Another theory attributes the origin of April Fool’s Day to the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar (from April 2nd to January 1st)…it caused confusion and troubles to people.

4. British Folklore: As per another folklore from British culture, the 13th century King declared…a town too foolish to warrant punishment – thus giving rise to the idea that 1 April was a fool’s day.

5. Stop at 12 Noon: April Fool’s Day is characterized with a renewal festival celebrated by most cultures around the world such as the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

But did you know that according to tradition, the time for pranks and jokes must stop at 12 noon on 1 April?




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