Manifesto For A #Stressed Out, Meaningless #Life


(The following excerpt from Manifesto For A Stressed Out Meaningless Life by Greg McKeown recently appeared on psychology To view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

Manifesto for a stressed out, meaningless life:

Let others dictate how you spend your time and energy
If you can’t do it all, you just aren’t trying hard enough
Play and relaxation are for babies and slackers
Try to emphasize every project as an additional priority
Believe less sleep = more productivity
Make “yes” the default answer to everything
The longer your to-do list, the more worth you have as an employee, and a human being
Believe, “If I don’t accept every invitation I receive, no one will like or respect me.”
Rememeber, boundaries are for countries, not human relationships
Live in yesterday and tomorrow and be rarely present in the here and now

Manifesto for an essentialist, meaningful life:

Exercise the invincible power of choice
See many things as trivial but only a few as truly vital
Instead of thinking “I can do both,” ask “What is the trade-off I want to make?”
Remember play is essential to spark creativity and innovation
Defend sleep is a #1 priority
Say yes to only the top 10% of opportunities
Make 1 decision that eliminates 1,000 later decisions
Dare to say no firmly, resolutely, and gracefully
Believe if you have limits you will become limitless
Find joy in the journey


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