“A person who was truly a child first…takes that with him into adulthood.” #ShmuleyBoteach #Childhood


Each of us has but one chance to be a child, less than a dozen or so fleeting years indelibly etched in our psyche, imprinting an emotional roadmap by which we navigate through life. If we are lucky those years fill us with a sense of security, love, and confidence, a deep well from which we continuously draw the strength needed to get over the bumps of adulthood.

In his book 10 Conversations You Need To Have With Your Children Rabbi Shumley Boteach explains,

“This is why your children must live fully as children…He permanently internalizes the magic and sense of wonder and that gives him the best of both worlds: the strength, seriousness, and emerging wisdom of adulthood, with the boundless joy of the child within…An adult who is able to internalize his inner child remains creative, youthful, and joyful well into his later years. An adult without an inner child, on the other hand, is like a house with a rickety foundation-forever in danger of toppling over.”


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