55 Colleges And Universities Facing #SexAssault Probes


(The following excerpt from Education Department Releases Names Of 55 Schools Facing Sex Assault Probes recently appeared on fox news.comTo view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

Citing research, the White House has said that 1 in 5 female students is assaulted. President Barack Obama appointed a task force comprised of his Cabinet members to review the issue after hearing complaints about the poor treatment of campus rape victims and the hidden nature of such crimes.

The Education Department on Thursday released a list of 55 colleges and universities under investigation for their handling of sexual abuse claims, in an unprecedented step aimed at increasing transparency regarding sex assault in higher education.

The schools listed are all facing a Title IX investigation.

According to the list released by the administration, the schools include:

— Harvard University Law School

— Princeton University

— Vanderbilt University

— University of California, Berkeley

— Dartmouth College



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