223 Kidnapped #NigerianSchoolGirls Still Missing


For weeks now the U.S. media has pounded its audience with every possible case scenario of  Malaysian Flight #370 and every grisly detail of the demise of South Korea’s overloaded ferry but has been strangely silent on the kidnapping of  the 276+ Nigerian girls brutally abducted from their school. Other sources indicate they have been sold as brides to Islamic terrorists. Known for its bulldogged determination in uncovering information, for the past two weeks #CNN has surprisingly avoided coverage of this unsettling story. Recently CNN awoke. The following excerpt from Nigerian Police: 223 Kidnapped Girls Still Missing by Michael Martinez and Aminu Abubakar recently appeared on CNN.comTo view it in its entirety click on the link below.

(CNN) — Nigerian authorities specified Friday that a total of 276 schoolgirls were taken last month by militants from a boarding school, but 53 of them escaped, leaving 223 still in the hands of their captors, police said.
Those numbers are higher than previously reported. Authorities had been saying about 230 girls were abducted in the dead of night at a high school in the country’s northeast region — a hotbed for the Islamist group Boko Haram — and roughly 200 of the girls were missing.

Authorities quickly added Friday that the new figure for missing girls — 223 — could grow as police fill in spotty school enrollment records.

At a minimum, Friday’s announcement provided a clearer picture of how many girls are still missing.

On April 16, armed men herded the girls out of bed and forced them into trucks in the town of Chibok. The convoy of trucks then disappeared into the dense forest bordering Cameroon.

Angry Nigerians contend authorities are not doing enough. They took to social media using hashtags #BringBackOurGirls and #BringBackOurDaughters to demand more from the government.

But Nigeria’s Defense Ministry said it’s committed to the search.

Boko Haram’s name translates to “Western education is a sin” in the local language.
The group especially opposes the education of women. Under its version of Sharia law, women should be at home raising children and looking after their husbands, not at school learning to read and write.

Human rights groups say the militants kidnap girls to perform chores and sexual services.



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