#Wolves Can Communicate With Just Their Eyes


(The following excerpt from Study: Wolves Can Communicate With Just Their Eyes recently appeared on aol.com. To view it in its entirety please click on the link below.)

Ever try to talk to your friends without actually speaking? It can be a bit challenging … which is what makes this discovery all the more impressive. A new study suggests wolves can communicate using only their eyes.

Researchers looked at pictures of almost every species and found they have a special eye-based communication system. They narrowed it down to 3 basic patterns:

Type A- the pupil position and eye position are clear.

Type B- Only the eye position is clear

Type C- the eyes are unclear.

Certain wolves, dogs and even humans identify with type-A. The researchers wrote about their findings, “A-type faces tended to be observed in species living in family groups all year-round…”

Type B is common among other wolves, foxes and dingos that tend to travel solo or in pairs, and type C was found in primitive species like African wild dogs, that live in packs, but mostly hunt alone.

This isn’t an entirely new theory – scientists believe one of the reasons humans have white surrounding our irises is so we can tell what others are looking at.



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