7 Priceless Things That #Money Will Never Be Able To Buy


(The following excerpt from 7 Priceless Things That Money Will Never Be Able To Buy by Paul Hudson recently appeared on elite daily.comTo view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

I love money – as we all do. Yet, money isn’t everything. There are things in life that are much more important than money itself, or anything that money is capable of buying.

The reality is that even though we live in a capitalist world, the most valuable things in life come without a price tag. This is important to keep in mind as more and more people every year seem to be losing sight of this fact.

Money cannot buy you everything. Here are 7 of the most important things that the richest person in the world can still very well be lacking:

1. Time
In reality, time is the only valuable currency on the planet – it is the only currency with intrinsic value.

2. Love

You will never be able to buy true love because true love is never for sale.

3. Happiness

The only way to be happy is to be happy when you have nothing in the world but yourself.

4. Courage

Courage doesn’t mean always facing dangerous situations. It can mean to face yourself and face your illogical fears.

5. Intellect

Money can’t buy you is the will to do the work necessary to increase your intellectual capacity.

6. Purpose

Without a purpose in life we are lost. We are confused. We make poor decisions and end up living lives that we hate with all our soul.

7. A Legacy

Legacy is the result of a life lived with purpose, full of success, as well as failures.



One thought on “7 Priceless Things That #Money Will Never Be Able To Buy

  1. Aquileana says:

    Really wise… Best wishes and thanks for sharing,
    Aquileana 😀

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