8 Ways Leonardo #DiCaprio Proves He Is The Wolf Of Saving Our #Planet


(The following excerpt from 8 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Proves He Is The Wolf Of Saving Our Planet by John Haltiwanger recently appeared on elite daily.comTo view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

It’s crucial that people continue to talk about the human impact on the environment and how to reduce it, or we risk destroying the only world we have.

Indeed, Leonardo DiCaprio is the wolf of climate change awareness. He has been relentless in his efforts to combat the consequences of this environmental catastrophe. Likewise, Leo has continued to spread awareness while encouraging others to join the fight to save our planet:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

2. Word Widelife Fund

3. Elephant Crisis Fund 

4. Ocean Conservation

5. Hybrid Cars/Solar Panels

6. “11th” Hour Documentary Film

7. Eco-Friendly Island Resort

8. Global Citizens Award



ldlife Fundhttp://elitedaily.com/entertainment/celebrity/leonardo-dicaprio-protecting-the-environment/771385/


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