#Banksy Instagram Has Powerful Message After #ParisShooting


“Break one, thousands will rise #CharlieHebdo.” – Banksy

(The following excerpt from “Banksy” Instagram Has Powerful Message After Paris Shooting by Robert Anthony recently appeared on elitedaily.com. To view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

Following the tragic gun attacks in France on the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, illustrators and artists everywhere have been honoring the lives of those who were killed using illustrations of their own.

The attacks claimed the lives of 12 people including popular cartoonists Bernard Verlhac, Jean Cabut and Georges Wolinski.

Cartoonists such as David Pope, Satish Acharya and Rob Tornoe have all posted tribute drawings regarding the Charlie Hebdo attacks on their social media accounts.

Among the drawings was a heartfelt illustration that was originally thought to have been composed by well-known street artist Banksy. The illustration was uploaded and posted to an Instagram account that operates under the @Banksy handle, but it’s still unconfirmed to be Banksy’s official account despite having over one million followers.

The actual drawing was illustrated by London-based printmaker Lucille Clerc. Clerc posted the tribute to her personal Instagram account on Wednesday evening and has since racked up over 5,200 likes.

It’s safe to say that this drawing, which was posted with the caption, “Break one, thousands will rise #CharlieHebdo,” speaks for journalists, cartoonists, comedians and ultimately people everywhere.



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