#ISISPropaganda…Join Us…We Behead, We Burn to Death…And We Educate Children


(The following excerpt from Chilling Images Show New ISIS Terrorist School In Syria Where Children Soldiers Known As “Caliphate Cubs” Are Trained To Kill by John Hall recently appeared on dailymail.co.uk. To view it in its entirety click on the link below.)

Chilling new images have emerged from inside Islamic State-run terrorist training schools in Syria, showing child soldiers being trained to kill using assault rifles.

Dubbed ‘Caliphate Cubs’, the children appear little more than 10 years old and are dressed in full combat gear as they struggle to hold weapons while standing in front of ISIS’ infamous black flag.
The photographs were released by official Islamic State media over the weekend and apparently show a recently-opened school close to Damascus – the Assad regime-held capital of Syria where other preteen training camps are known have been operating in recent months.

In much the same way as the Nazi Germany preyed on its impressionable young citizens with the creation of the Hitler Youth, ISIS has long groomed children to take part in jihad.

The practice was the subject of the second episode of VICE’s groundbreaking ‘Islamic State’ documentary series, in which very young boys were seen being asked whether they want to be a suicide bomber or a jihadist, and were forced to repeat calls for the murder of Western “infidels”.



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